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  • Stafrænn Hákon's tenth full-length studio album, Hausi, was released in September The start of the album is attributable to when the band performed at “Vinnslan” in Tjarnarbíó and improvised 20 minutes of work based around the melodies played on the harp by .
  • Stafrænn Hákon Ventill/Poki () Released September 13, Rating from 83 ratings Friends' Rating from 5 ratings Ranked #6Genres Post-Rock, Ambient: Released September 13, Rating from 83 ratings Friends' Rating from 5 ratings Ranked #6Genres Post-Rock, Ambient: Ólöf Arnalds.
  • Stafrænn Hákon is an Icelandic Atmospheric rock band. Since they have released 10 full length album along with several EP´s.
  • Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy is a studio album by múm. It was released via FatCat Records on 24 September It peaked at number 8 on Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. The album marks a shift from the group's original style as it uses more live instruments than electronics, and there is a different vocal style, including male vocals.5/5(1).
  • Jun 25,  · Buy Gummi by Stafraenn Hakon on Bleep. Download MP3. Cookies Preferences For information about cookies that are required for this website to operate correctly, please read our cookies policy.. You can choose to opt out of the following cookies.
  • "A debut of sorts on Resonant, from yet another Icelandic artist; Prince Valium put the 'um' in Sk/um, the duo responsible for the fine IDM electronica mini-album I Thagu Fallsins in early , alongside Skurken (the 'sk' half). Working both as a partnership and as individuals since then, Andlaus (meaning 'without breath') is the first material from the Sk/um members to see the light of day.
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  • Thighpaulsandra's new album Double Vulgar 2 is due out soon on LP and CD on Portland's Beta-Lactam Ring Records. The Go Find - Miami CD/LP (Morr Music, Germany) Stafraenn Hakon - Ventill/Poki CD/2xLP (Resonant, UK) Grillhaus - Grillhaus LP Click here to find out how you can help keep The Brain going. Every penny helps.
  • After two full-lengths on Resonant the much-lauded Stafraenn Hakon is about to step up proceedings with this his first new material in two years.-on the back of the success & acclaim that met the aforementioned Skvettir Edik a Ref (RESCD) & I Astaandi Rjupunnar (RESCD) both of which were 'old' albums deservedly seeing light of day for the first time beyond his native Iceland.5/5(2).

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